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      What do I do if my smartphone/tablet is freezing or running slow?

      There are a few issues that may cause your device/tablet to freeze or run slowly:

      • Damage to the device
      • 3rd party applications not working properly
      • Device storage running low

      If your device is freezing or running slowly, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

      Did you reboot your device?

      Power your device off for 30 seconds and remove the battery if applicable.

      Does your device have any physical/liquid damage?

      If yes, then you will need to contact the manufacturer for service.

      Did you close all running applications?

      Try closing any apps that are not currently in use.

      Is your device's memory full or close to it?

      Try deleting photos and other media files that you no longer need in order to free up storage space.

      Did you reset the application preferences of your device?

      Try resetting your application preferences.

      Did you recently download any 3rd party applications since this issue began?

      Try uninstalling any recently installed apps.

      Did you check the system for any updates?

      Try installing any available software updates.

      Have you tried wiping the cache partition of your device?

      Try wiping the cache partition.

      Have you attempted to Factory Reset your device?

      Try performing a Factory Data Reset.


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